Our aim is to provide a happy, hygienic, healthy and safe environment for your child to grow in knowledge and
skill development, setting the foundation to transition smoothly into their Primary School environment.

At Little Mozart’s we strongly believe that children working together will create a melody.

Each child represents a unique note and with the correct grooming we will create a synergy amongst our learners.

About us

Little Mozart’s operates within the private school academic calendar terms. This is your child’s home away
from home, hence we do our utmost to make it interesting, adequate and exciting for them. Newsletters are
sent out on a regular basis keeping you informed of what we are up to. We do have a “Suggestion Box” facility
that we analyze on an ongoing basis, as we strive for excellence.

During the school holidays, we have an edutainment holiday program that will keep your child excitedly
involved in educational, fun and exciting days, for them to use their time fruitfully, but at the same time FUNFILLING!
Each teacher prepares her lesson plans the week before and it is approved and placed in plain view for all
parents to look at.

Our curriculum comprises of the following:

Gross motor development
Fine motor skills
Social skills
Life skills
Music and song
Creative activities
Science experiments

Our curriculum comprises of content in accordance to the age level of our leaners.

Different notes making a melody!